Our Team of Designers and Developers

Meet the people behind the curtain who make ePageCity an award-winning website solution provider. Supported by a team of web strategists, artistic web designers, tech-savvy software developers, usability experts, search optimization specialists, and energetic project managers, our clients are in good hands. ePageCity is powered by exceptional talent and 13 years of real-world experience gathered after launching hundreds of successful websites.
ePageCity Chicago founder Alex Young specializes in finding creative interactive solutions to problems organizations with web design related problems – especially those of small business and enterprise brands who don’t initially realize they have digital problems.
Chief Strategist
ePageCity Chicago Project Manager Allison Newell is responsible for guiding the firm’s web design and development clients from back-end programming to launch. She also manages the company’s SEO campaigns, interaction design projects and content-marketing efforts.
Project Manager
ePageCity Chicago’s Senior Web Strategist Cory Davis helps connect mid-sized brands, small businesses and non-profits with the best website design, web development and digital marketing solutions for their online needs.
Senior Web Strategist
ePageCity’s Senior Website Strategist Dan Murphy helps connect Chicago’s mid-sized brand managers, small business owners and non-profit organizations with the best web design, web development and digital marketing solutions for their online needs.
Senior Web Strategist
During his time in the digital marketing industry ePageCity Chicago’s SEO Strategist has worked on Search Engine Optimization efforts for enterprise level brands, PPC Campaigns for small businesses and Social Media Marketing efforts for non-profit organizations.
SEO Strategist
ePageCity Chicago Project Manager Erin Horan is responsible for leading the company’s website design and web development from clients back-end programming to site launch. She also manages the campaigns of many of the company’s SEO clients
Project Manager
ePageCity Chicago’s Website Content Optimization Specialist Heather Dorff is an experienced Web Content Editor, Online Content Manager and Digital Asset Strategist.
Content Specialist
ePageCity Chicago President and Founder Jason Martino is an experienced coder, programmer and developer of custom web applications and interactive website solutions
Lead Developer
ePageCity Chicago’s website design and web application development accounts manager Jessica Gorst is responsible for everything from setting up our client’s webmail accounts to managing their site’s DNS registrations.
Account Manager
During her three years at Chicago’s ePageCity Website Design Coordinator, Graphic Designer and Web Usability Specialist Jessica Large has designed custom user-friendly web interfaces for literally scores of small business and non-profit websites .
Design Coordinator
ePageCity Chicago’s Micah Boon is a dynamic coder, programmer and experienced developer of interactive web applications and custom website solutions.
Web Developer
Code Monkey
Junior Developer

Who We Are

Founded in 1999, ePageCity designs and develops websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We are online architects who build innovative solutions for a diverse set of satisfied clients. Optimized to convert visitors into customers, our websites translate our clients’ business missions into the digital medium by use of intuitive design, digital marketing, and rock-solid web applications.

Why Us

Perhaps you woke up this morning with a brilliant new idea for a startup. But more likely, you’re here because your website is out of date; your Webmaster got another job; your site ranks poorly in Google; and your social media strategy has no buzz. Fortunately, ePageCity can help you through the entire process by building a beautiful, interactive, and search engine friendly website backed by a professional team of web strategists, designers, computer science majors, SEO specialists, project managers, and fanatical support staff. We’re real people, right here in Chicago, who pick up the phone when you call and leave late to meet your deadlines.

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Customer Service

Assistance with your website is never more than a quick phone call or email away. Whether you need a reminder on how to change something on your website, help troubleshooting an issue, or advice on how to increase customer engagement, our team of expert support staff can provide you with step by step instructions and solutions to help take your website to the next level.

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