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Behind the Curtains: The Login Link

Article by Jason Martino | December 18, 2012

You’ve seen it on countless websites (maybe even on your own site): that link in the upper right corner or within the footer navigation that reads "client login", "member area", "sign in" or simply just "login".

What actually lies behind those curtains, however, differs from one website to the next.

Many websites incorporate a ‘login’ link within the site design for website administrators to easily login, make changes and keep the site up to date with fresh content. In other cases, that ‘login’ link might provide access to proprietary information such as content specified for paying customers or even personalized pages for an individual account or company.

The use of password protected area on your website can provide numerous benefits, allowing you to serve content to specific website audiences while keeping some information out-of-reach from the general public.

Password Protection: Role Based Access & Subscriptions

Lots of websites use password protection to deliver content based on specified clearance levels, such as employees, staff, vendors, distributors, etc. or solely for active subscribers.

A manufacturing supplier website might include an area for vendors or distributors to login and access specification sheets or sales sheets. On a consulting or non-profit website, the login area might only be for employees to access an internal directory.

A popular example of subscriber-based access is NYTimes.com. While non-subscribers can access a limited amount of content, each paying subscriber role obtains varying levels of access to NYTIMES.com content, including tablet and smartphone apps on a monthly basis (http://www.nytimes.com/subscriptions/Multiproduct/lp5558.html). 

Role Based Private Access: Staff Resources & Board Member Materials

Based on the needs of the Learn Charter School Network, ePageCity developed role-based, password protected areas of the website for access by Staff and Board members.

The increased security of these areas on the backend of the website allows Learn website administrators to disseminate more sensitive information to staff and board members while also managing the set up new login credentials, new password-protected pages and the removal of access to these content pages.

Does Your Business Need a Customized Login Area?

In addition to role-based password protected pages of the website, ePageCity can also enable you with the ability to create individualized password protected pages. Depending on the needs of your business, a private access module might help define your website as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of your company’s business relationships and communications.

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