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Reinforcing Your Products & Services with Photo Galleries

Article by Erin Horan | November 14, 2012

Sharing Photos Online

With all of the ways to share photos online, it’s hard to keep up. More likely than not, you are already using a variety of means to share photos with your friends, family and clients – emailing and texting pictures, postings galleries to sites like Flickr, sharing albums with friends on Facebook, pinning photos on Pinterest, or even demonstrating your photographic skills through Instagram.

Visuals Rule

Sharing photos keeps us informed about what our friends and family are doing, but it also assists in understanding and retention of different subjects that we read about online. Nearly all websites, including Gossip columns, news outlets, online stores, and service-oriented organizations utilize photos and imagery to drive home their message. Overall, the use of visual aids, including photos, serve as learning tools to spark interest, better grasp abstract ideas, and put topics in context.

A Green Portfolio: Reinventing the Concept of the Garden

While technology is at the core of Sage Vertical Garden Systems' product/service offering, high quality photography coupled with interactive photo galleries allows the company to show off creative and stunning plant displays made possible by their patent pending technology.

Utilizing a number of photo gallery displays throughout the website, Sage Vertical Garden Systems can visually communicate how their artistic installations bring life to otherwise dull pedestrian and public spaces.  These photo galleries provide instant impact and allow Sage Vertical Garden Systems a great way to display their portfolio of work in an alternate format that speaks on behalf of the company. While site visitors interact with the photo galleries, the galleries convey the message of how a dramatic display of plants can bring tranquility to your office or provide a great accompaniment to the marketing efforts of world-class brands around the globe.

Image Strategy & Inspiration

Inspiration is easy to see with great visuals.

Example Photo Gallery on Sage Vertical Garden Systems

Example of an alternate Photo Gallery on Sage Vertical Garden Systems

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