Positioning Solutions Company

  • Usability oriented e-commerce website ePageCity Chicago’s web designers built for an online retailer
  • Our web designers took an interaction focused approach to developing this e-commerce store’s website
  • User-friendly, e-commerce website ePageCity Chicago’s web developers designed for an online retailer
  • ePageCity Chicago’s web design team customized this e-commerce website with usability and conversion interaction in mind
February 2012

Construction, GIS, Survey & Engineering Field-to-Finish Products

The Positioning Solutions Company website is an eCommerce site allowing customers to easily purchase a variety of construction or survey engineering equipment products via the website. The eCommerce platform offers PSC the opportunity to not only display and sell products, but also to assign products to multiple categories so that customers can find products more easily. The custom search functionality populates a list of related products including product names, images and a brief description in which customers can click through to find more information. Through the content management system, the client has the ability to manually add and update product information, retrieve orders and manage inventory and coupon codes.

Client Testimonial

We could not be more satisfied with ePageCity. They helped us to turn our "vision" into a reality, and to effectively bring our message to our customers. ePageCity has a team of experts that can guide you through each phase of the development. I relied heavily on their expertise throughout the project. They always offered sound advice, that was always in OUR best interest and helped to make our website "better" than if we designed it ourselves. I would highly recommend ePageCity to anyone that needs to make their business grow.

Ed McCaffery
Website Manager, Marketing Director


Website Features

Before the Redesign

Before the website redesign