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  • Chicago’s ePageCity took a user-interaction focused approach to designing and developing this non-profit organization web site
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June 2012

Helping Urban Youth Enroll in University

OneGoal needed to rebrand their organization – including a new website – and turned to ePageCity for the solution. The unique roll-overs, the bright colors and the editable imagery on the homepage are all examples of the progressive site design elements we implemented to match OneGoal’s new logo and branding strategy. They empower teachers to guide urban youth, steering them towards earning an undergraduate degree, and we’ve empowered the company by giving them the ability to speak their cause, monitor their developments, and modify site content as they progress. The potential to customize text and images within the content areas, the editable homepage text, rotating partner’s call-to-action button and the custom donation page illustrate the site’s flexibility and ability to be easily updated as needed.

Client Testimonial

The team at ePageCity was knowledgeable and helpful. We needed to rebrand our organization - including a new website - and they were a strong partner in helping navigate a very complex project. They have also been instrumental in helping us learn about search engine optimization; maximizing our social media integration; and updating our website in timely, targeted ways. They were supportive experts when we needed them most! We are glad for their partnership and look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead.

Leah Martin
Director of Communications & Marketing


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