Downtown Apartment Company

  • Chicago’s ePageCity’s user-experience oriented response to a real estate firm's website design needs
  • Usability optimized website for a real estate firm designed and developed by Chicago’s ePageCity
  • Chicago’s ePageCity took a user-interaction focused approach to designing and developing this real estate firm's web site
January 2010

Matching Downtowners with Ideally Suited Apartments

When someone is looking for an apartment, they want as much textual and visual information as possible. We built a site that catered to Downtown Apartment Company and their users’ needs with a clean, uncomplicated design that highlights their ability to denote the availability of a particular space. Our team began by incorporating a luxurious custom flash masthead and beautifully crafted call-to-action buttons.  Added to a custom map showcasing available apartments and a fully editable photo gallery, these elements form a breathtaking blueprint for the ultimate apartment finding experience.      

Client Testimonial

Our experience with ePageCity was exactly what we had hoped for.  They had a team of professionals to guide us through the process of making the vision of our company's web site a reality.  Where appropriate, they offered suggestions on how to make our site even better than we envisioned.  The best compliment I can give to ePageCity is that they genuinely cared about helping us build and maintain a great web site.  Thank you, to the whole team.

Joe Hable